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If we operate your club shop, pages may be transmitted on your own site using our official plug-in. Content must not be changed and must be directly linked back to the Umpire Kit Store.


Club Shop Plug In

If we manage your club or association shop and would like to embed it into your own website then you can! You will need to be able to add HTML code or insert an iFrame into your website. For further information on this please contact us and we will provide you with the code


Your Website Links

If you are providing a link on your website to the Umpire Kit Store, please read the information and feel free to download one of the logos below.

In external written text, Umpire Kit Store should be referred to in full. The word "the" is not part of the "Umpire Kit Store" title, therefore, where used, it should be used in lower case, unless starting a sentence. Web addresses for links should point to

When linking directly to a club shop, you may use the club shop name instead of Umpire Kit Store and web addresses for these links should point to the relevant store address. Please contact us for your club web address.

If you are using a logo, it must not be positioned on an image as this will compromise the integrity of the logo, and it must always be positioned on a solid colour background. If re-sizing the logo, please keep the height and length in proportion. A small version of the logo is also available, if shrinking the size of the large logo makes the writing unreadable


Main Logo

(Should be used where possible)

Single Colour Logo

(Should be used where main logo isn't appropriate. Single colour may be changed)

Dark Background Logo

(Should be used when placing on dark single colour background)